Room Control

  • Silence
  • Kick
  • Ban

Create moderation team:

  • Add permanent moderators
  • Add owners (people who can make moderators)
  • Make friends temporary moderators (expires when leaving the room)
  • Add members (access and custom badge)

Room Settings

Topic - Custom topic
Welcome Message - Pre defined welcome message shown to users on join.
Visibility - Hide your room from being visible on the global chat room list.
Category Selection - Categorize your room to appear in applicable room categories.
Maximum Occupancy - Set a maximum of how many guests/users can enter (mods, members override).
Ban Management - Efficiently manage room bans.


User Status - Grant access by user status, guests, registered, members, mods.
Friends Only - Room closed to all users except users who are on the friends list of room occupants.
Members Only - Room closed to all users who haven’t been added to the members list.
Invite Only - Room only accessible to invited users.
Gender Control - Grant specific genders only access.
Age Range - Grant access based on age range.

Media Control:

Media Display Default - Choose how media is displayed, collapsed or thumbnails.
Thumbnail Size - Choose the size of uploaded images.
Dick Detector - Enable/Disable dick detection pic hiding.


In depth statistics on your room:
  • How many messages sent
  • Media posting
  • Invites
  • Moderation stats, how many kicks, bans etc.
  • Graphs
  • Current stats